Make sure to place a bet on these all female teams!

Rumours have been going on about making esports an official Olympic sport in 2024. One of the things standing in the way is (was) that esports were male dominated. We expect that by the year 2024, this will be all in the past. Already we saw a female player taking home the Starcraft II Championship in South Korea recently, which is like the lions den inhabited with a million lions breathing fire. Female exclusive teams are forming in the far east and taking the scene by storm. Something unthinkable just a decade ago. Let us introduce a couple of teams that you need to keep your eye on and that deserve your bet once in a while!


Meet PandaCute, founded in 2016 and based in Hong Kong by captain ‘Deer’ Chan Ka-ching. Along with members ‘Dream’ Shek Hoi-yee, ‘Rispy’ Lau Lai, ‘Momo’ Mo Tsz-ching, and ‘Godlai’ Lily Yim Nga. As well as their coach, ‘Kane’ Li Chi-Hung. Training with J Team, the esports team owned by pop singer Jay Chou. Being Hong Kong’s representative for the 2017 EWG tournament and having won the Shero and HKXP Championship last year, they are really launching their reputation as a force to reckon with. Did we mention they won the League of Legends 5v5 Tournament Championship of Hong Kong the year they were founded?

LLG China

Formely known as EHOME’s female squad, the girls of LLG Gaming won the female division of WESG 2017 against Etab in the Finals. Guaranteeing themselves a chance to win in the $170,000 tournament of next year. It’s safe to say they destroyed the competition, so keep an eye out for these girls!

And many, many more

Not only in Asia, but everywhere female teams are being formed. Crowns esports in Europe has a female CS:GO team and in Brasil Keyd Stars is taking the scene by storm with their female division. LGG from Taiwan and Blossom from Korea on the other side of the planet make waves in LoL as we speak. Yes, males have a head start, yes, males are still dominating; but it’s just a matter of time before the female ‘Faker’ makes the scene.

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