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Heroes of the Storm  betting – Your Guide for eSports  

Here at Master Mazuma, we love eSports and are
incredibly proud to be a small part of its continued rise to become one of
the most popular spectator sports around today. As with all competitive
competitions, with the action come people that want to make things more
interesting by placing some cash on the outcome. There are now stacks of games
you can now place a wager on, from the first-person shooter Counter-Strike:
Global Offensive to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) of Dota 2.

At Master Mazuma we like to offer our clients an
edge, some nuggets of wisdom that enable you to have a better chance of winning
than those that are uninformed and just hoping it’s their lucky day. Therefore,
here are the tips you need to enter the world of Heroes of the Storm betting
and be as successful as you possibly can.

Heroes of the Storm betting

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What is Heroes of the Storm?

You’re probably familiar with Blizzard Entertainment. They are a premier
game developer and have already brought us the classic titles World of Warcraft,
Overwatch, Hearthstone and the Diablo series.
Blizzard’s latest offering, Heroes of the Storm, has come a long way since
its release in 2015 and is now taking its’ place on the podium next
to other legendary titles. This free-to-play online hero brawler sees players
from around the world assemble on Blizzard’s online gaming platform,
Battle.net, and join a skirmish against either AI or other players. There are
plenty of characters in Heroes of the Storm from Blizzard’s previous creations,
but many difficult elements that made their previous game conceptions tricky to
learn have been eliminated to make it more accessible to players that are new
to the genre.

The format of the game is simple, but there are elements and intricacies
that make it compelling and addictive. To start, you’ll first need to select a
hero from Blizzard’s substantial collection. Each individual hero has a set of
three regular talents that can be used every so often and a definitive ability
that is available much more rarely. You’ll join four other players in the
battle arena with a primary base of your own and a target to attack in the form
of your opposition’s base structure, which needs to be taken out for you to be
victorious. You and your team members can make your way to the opposition base
by means of lanes on the map, which are guarded by AI defensive foes. As the
battle progresses you’ll earn experience points along with your fighting
colleagues and will grow more and more powerful with each foray into the battle
arena. It’s a very cooperative game, as your fate is tied to that of your team
members; if you fail, they fail and vice versa. It is a fairly
premise, but there are a few things worth remembering.

Heroes of the Storm betting

Heroes of the Storm via Facebook

How to play Heroes of the Storm

Just to make sure you don’t look like a total novice when you first start
playing and can recognise talent that you should put some cash on, here are our
top tips to becoming an MVP in the battle arena.

Talk is good

Talk with your co-combatants to make sure you’re all on the same page and
the selected heroes are the perfect team to ensure victory. You should be vocal
during the game to let your teammates know what’s going on and what you plan to
do and pregame chat can mean you have the tactics spot on to cause maximum
destruction for the opposing team.

Don’t abandon a lane or push too much

Matches are often lost due to the weakest link in the team abandoning their
lane rather than soaking up the pressure. If you can’t get through because a
superior hero is in your lane, just keep battling away, but don’t sacrifice
yourself until a friend can back you up. Survival is the name of the game,
so don’t engage in a fight when the odds are stacked against you as you’re
useless to the team if you die in a foolhardy quest for glory.

Keep your eyes peeled and power play

Keeping abreast of what is happening on the mini-map is essential and having
a view of the enemy while they are blind to your movements can ensure victory.
If you have an advantage – either an extra hero with you or a supplement talent
compared to your rivals – you must make good use of it and grab the opportunity
to attack. Don’t be afraid to start destroying structures is the opportunity
presents itself, as using your advantage will gain you super experience
points. The distinction between an average and an excellent player is the
awareness of when to be aggressive and when to go on the defensive in order to gain an advantage.

Heroes of the Storm betting

Heroes of the Storm via Facebook

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