Hearthstone Players

Top 10 players of 2018


Tom60229 kicked off 2018 as world champion. He continued to do well in 2018 but still lacks more big titles. 


ThijsNL is a popular Dutch player and streamer on Twitch. He won the CN vs EU Championship in Shanghai. 


Orange is one of the most successful players in Hearthstone history, with a total of 7 major first places. He won the Titanar Elite Invitational this year but unfortunately failed to reach other finals.


DrJikininki had a breakout year in 2018. He managed to achieve the top ELO-rating with a 63% winrate


Fujitora won the second biggest prize pool this year, WESG. This feat alone launches him into the top 10 of 2018.


Top Chinese player YouLove won Gold Series Grand Finals and had solid tournament placements throughout the year. He currently has the highest ELO-rating in China.

Hearthstone signature decks

Priest – Amaz

The original Priest was one of the worst classes.. until Amaz revolutionized the standard Priest deck. His Priest prowess started his rise to fame and top finishes.

Miracle Rogue – Kolento

Kolento invented and popularised the original Miracle Rogue deck. This deck revolves around drawing cards with Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Miracle Rogue has seen many variations and is still one of the most popular decks in the game.

Zoolock – Reynad

One of the first strong decks created in Hearthstone was Zoolock by Reynad. The Warlock player aims to flood the board with cheap minions to overwhelm the opponent. Zoolock is still around as a powerful deck type.

Freeze Mage – ThijsNL

Freeze Mage has been one of the most popular and strongest decks since Hearthstone’s beta. The most skilled Freeze Mage player ever is ThijsNL. He heavily relied on the deck in his run to a top 4 World Championship finish.

Big Druid – Ostkaka

Big Druid was originally a ‘fun deck’. The deck revolves around quickly ramping up and summoning the most powerful minions in the game. Ostkaka was the first to have real tournament success with Big Druid. The deck became even stronger with expansions and is now a more common sight.