Betting on decks or players: bet safe on Hearthstone

The most common mistake people make when betting on Hearthstone is lacking knowledge if how a TCG works and how players interact with strategies. More than any other genre, the banning (or nerfing) of cards (items or characters in other games) and the release of new card sets, affect the players greatly. While a League mid laner can dominate years with Kassadin, even after a potential nerf or buff of some items, a Hearthstone player will have to adapt to the changing meta constantly, sometimes changing decks over an adjustment of one card. The big difference with LoL is that a player doesn’t just change champion by changing decks, but changes from mid-lane to adc (to keep the analogy).

In other words, a player that has an insane track record with miracle rogue could have worse results when forced to play aggro pally. When doing your research on how players are performing before placing your bets, always take into account the recent patches, nerfs, buffs and sets.

Play before you bet

There are a lot of games where I can advise you to watch some streams, read some articles and start betting away. Learn the mechanics and learn to recognise skill. With Hearthstone, I advice you to atleast play the game for some time. Unless you have played other CCG’s like Magic the Gathering, or even Pokemon TCG. By playing, you get a sense of what makes a card good in a certain deck, a certain strategy and to certain players. You will understand what it means when a patch comes out, which players lose their edge at least for some time instantly. Playing Hearthstone is free, so why not!

Become a better Hearthstone player yourself?

Want to become a better Hearthstone player? Stop playing Hearthstone for a second. By playing card games that don’t rely on RNG that much and are more interactive, you get a better sense of decision making for card games in general. Don’t forget that the creators and some of the big pro’s of the game started of With MtG first!

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