Investing in esports, is it worth it?

Time and money. Two things you always wish you have more off. If you decide you want to invest some of these assets in esports, you want to be sure it’s worth your effort. We at Master Mazuma keep a close eye on the development of the esports industry, since we invest a LOT. But we do this, cause we feel it’s worth every penny and every minute of our time. Today we share some of our valuable information with you; so you can decide for your  self if esports is something you want to invest into in the future.

The state of esports 2018

The total market of esports will generate a total revenue of $905 million in 2018. That is an increase of 38% in comparison to last year. This is about the same percentage we saw last year. These figures are from february. The coming of Fortnite esports will possibly push the total amount over a billion. There is also a 48% brand investment increase in 2018. This means a net esports investment of $695 million which can be broken down in $174 million in advertising, $359 million on sponsorship and another $161 million in content licenses and media.

Media rights have gone up the most with 77% due to an increase in consumer spending on tickets and merchandising. Finally, game publishers will invest another $116 million in the esport community. Though these figures will probably turn out to be higher. As for audience, there will be 380 million people tuning in to esports this year. 165 million enthusiasts and 215 million casual viewers.

The future of esports

So, is esports investing worth it? There is more than enough money to be earned and this will only increase in the following years. The expectation is that in 2020 there will be 1.4 billion dollars to go around. While America remains to be the largest market, Europe comes a close second. Especially western- and northern Europe.

There is however an exception and an interesting development. In Asia and especially China, mobile esports seems to have taken off. We at Master Mazuma will keep a close eye on this development and are looking for opportunities to offer betting on mobile esports in the future.

So yes, esports investing is definitely worth it!

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