Las Vegas takes the lead in Fortnite eSports!

Combining the best of both world, esports and betting. What other place than Vegas could combine these two?! You might think sure, the entourage of Vegas is nice, but I can perfectly bet on esports from behind my pc or on my mobile phone on MasterMazuma as well. And your right! But this time Las Vegas got a scoop: they are organizing the first Fortnite league! The game that has taken the world by storm has potential to become a serious esports. The tournament will be exclusively and fully broadcasted on Facebook, that announced a streaming service for gamers (all Facebook members) recently.

eSports 2.0?

Some things stated above are not business as usual. For one, Battle Royale is becoming a serious esports. Secondly, companies in Las Vegas are willing to invest in esports as a lucrative entertainment model and last but not least, Facebook is attacking Twitch on its position as a streaming service.

What will be called the H1Z1 Pro League will see its first professional battle royale esports league tournament starting on April 21 at a new venue in Las Vegas. The competition will be held by Caesars Entertainment, league operator Twin Galaxies, and game publisher Daybreak Game Company. 15 teams will take on each other in an arena that is circular, so fans have the chance to watch all the teams all the time. Twin Galaxies, co-chairman Jace Hall calls the league the beginning of esports 2.0. This ‘level up’ means that everybody gets to participate in-, and profit from the success of an event. So not only the players on the teams and their owners, but the game publisher, league operator and most importantly the fans as well!

Really eSports 2.0????

Yes, yes, promoters usually use hyperboles to exaggerate how awesome and game changing their product is gonna be. Whether Jace Hall is right about his claims has yet to be seen. There are indeed promising signs, then again, the build venture can only host 300 people. Which aint huge for esports standards and giving it a VIP’ish vibe.. Let’s see how this translates into ‘everyone can benefit’.

(image credit: esp gaming)

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