Getting into esports betting: the basics

So you want to get into esports betting? Good move! Unlike physical sports, esports betting is a land of opportunities! No Real Madrid here, but a land full of surprises, especially with games not dominated by South Korea. There are some factors you need to take into account before placing your bet in order to increase your chances of turning your bet into a profit. Master Mazuma got you covered, we show you what you can do to be a successful esports better!

Original settings

A team with their main players all aboard always has a shot of winning. The same goes the other way around; teams with new players on a tournament always have a shot at losing. No matter how good the reputation. Last minute switches due to illness, fights or whatever reason, completely nullifies most of the preparation done by that team for the tournament. Choose for stable teams that have a history of consistency!

Avoid drama

Drama, drama, drama. It makes for really interesting content (believe us, we like drama) and even more interesting personalities. But as much as you secretly enjoy to see Faker cry or Vasili flip out against his girlfriend; it means bad news when it comes to betting. Boring, emotionless robots. Those are the safest bets. But we understand that watching them can be a ordeal, so make sure to bet drama once in a while just for fun!

Check the statistics

Since around 1860 people have been starting to use statistics for everything. Insurance companies build their (lucrative) business model purely on statistics. In theory, this means that with enough funds and data betting should always win you money. And since bookmakers do exactly this, it’s a proven theory. So though it might be a bit boring, check the statistics! Oh, did you know 87% of the statistics is inaccurate (it’s a joke).

What rules might benefit a team?

Usually a game has multiple ways of being played. Be sure to check the rulings of a tournament and see if there are any peculiarities that have proven to be of worth to a team in the past. For example: if a Hearthstone tournament allows players to ban one or more classes, this means bad news for players that specialise in a few classes.

Esports betting is a sport, and like any other sport it’s a mixture of skill and luck. Make sure you get that first variable constant and the second…. Well, that is what makes it exciting!

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